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“Your Business Is Missing Out On Government Grants!!!"

Dear Friend,

Regardless of whether your business is large or small, there are government grants out there to help you succeed.

In fact, some government departments have problems finding enough eligible businesses to give money away to (and if they can't give it away this year, they risk getting less funding the following year...which is a big "no no" in government).

However, have you ever wondered where this "never ending" money (which is given away) comes from? 

That's right... it's the same money which you pay in company taxes!

Flow between business and government

If you’re not getting your share of grants, your competitors are 

However, just because the government is giving your tax money away in grants.. it doesn't mean it's easy to get. In fact, between your business and the funding lies a "valley of darkness" which few are willing to cross... and for good reasons.

Having been burned before, businesses quickly learn that it's easier to make money in their own business than to apply for grants they're entitled to (as it often involves jumping through hoops and mountains of paperwork... only to be receive a "carefully worded - thanks, but no thanks" rejection letter).

In short, applying for grants is a hit and (more likely) miss exercise that businesses simply don't want to participate in. After all, why would you spend 100+ hours completing a one-off application only to get a rejection letter 6 months later?

You wouldn't!... (which is why there are government departments out there with money they just can't give away!)

But it doesn't have to be this way.... 

Grant Solutions Success Pyramid


We offer the following services to help businesses obtain their share of grants:


  Mentoring & Coaching

Businesses who wish to complete grant applications themselves (but also need some guidance along the way) can take advantage of Mentoring & Coaching which will save you hours of frustration.


Give us just 3 hours and we'll knock 3 weeks off your grant learning curve...

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Businesses seeking government grants often request less than they require, believing that it will improve their chances of success. This belief is incorrect because funding is based on merit rather than the amount requested. As we know our way around the grant application process, Grant Solutions can help you get larger grants (generally 10% - 100% larger).

Grant Scale

The stronger the grant application, the larger the grant that can be obtained

 Depending on the type of package selected, we will provide the following services: 

  1. Overview of grant requirements
  2. Analysing and recommending a grant submission strategy
  3. Mid project review and recommendations
  4. Coaching how to "sell" the project to the funding source
  5. Ad-hoc consultation during the project   

Businesses who "cut corners" and don't get expert advice when applying for grants usually face the following:

  • Submitting a lower quality application (and being unsuccessful)
  • Not submitting an already started application (e.g. giving up)
  • Spending more time on the application while feeling frustrated with the process


Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

satisfaction guaranteed

Mentoring & Coaching is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed... and we're putting it in writing.

If after the first 30 minutes, you don’t feel that you’ve received at least the full value of your investment, simply let us know and we'll issue you a refund on the spot!

Not only that... but we'll also throw in another $100. That's right... we'll add $100 to the refunded amount just for wasting your time.

How can we make such an Extraordinary Guarantee?

Because we know that our Mentoring & Coaching is worth at least 5 times what we charge for them. And if you don't feel this way, we'll give you $100. There is nothing to lose...and at least $100 to gain



Grant Application Submission (Success Fee)

Applying involves developing a solid understanding of the business, grant guidelines and communicating this understanding through the application form. This stage also includes addressing the criteria, contacting various stakeholders, obtaining letters of support and building a relationship with staff within the funding source.

To further increase the chances of the application being successful, a number of marketing initiatives may be suggested to the company.

We are able to project manage the complete grant securing process on your behalf including:   

 Core ServicesAdditional Services
  •  Liaising with the funding source
  • Supplying templates
  • Providing consulting services
  • Preparing draft surveys
  • Creating proposals
  • Business plans
  • Functional / technical specifications
  • Preparing draft Letters of Support

    A Success Fee is equivalent to a % of the grant received. For more information please see our Fee Structure.

    Businesses considering applying for $100,000+ grants are encouraged to discuss their situation with our consultants by taking advantage of the "no obligation" 15 min consultation ($75 value).

    Update: Grant Solutions is overwhelmed with demand at the moment (due to our success in getting grants for our clients) ... thus we no longer offer a 'Free' 15 min consultation. Our Grant Advantage Plus TM consultation is $495+GST (for up to 90 minutes) and will be credited towards future work with Grant Solutions. (Enrol Now into the Grant Advantage Plus TM consultation).

    The table below compares the options generally available to businesses applying for grants (eg doing the application themselves [DIY] or using services provided by Grant Solutions). 



    To Your Grant Success,


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    Ross Turetsky MBA, BCom, BIfosys
    Managing Director, Grant Solutions

    PS. If you're NOT getting your share of government grants, your competitors probably ARE

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