Grant Solutions

Our Fee Structure

Our fees are usually divided into 2 components:

  1. On-submission Fee
  2. Success Fee

90+% of our revenue comes from Success Fees... which aligns our interests with the client's.

Exact fee depends on a number of factors including:

  • Project type
  • Grant type
  • Size of grant requested
  • Probability of success
  • Amount of work involved

Before contacting us about “how much it would cost to submit your grant application”, just consider the total cost of the doing-it-yourself option.

From experience, competitive grants that ‘get the money’ (rather than a polite rejection letter) usually take 70-100 hours to complete. Most of this work is gruelling - typing out pages of “stuff that sounds good” for the selection criteria … and then editing the application over and over again.  That’s after you’ve spent hours reading the guidelines and trying to catch someone on the official hotline who actually understands the program (rather than just directing you to the guidelines… or reading them for you).

You are, after all,  competing with hundreds (if not thousands of other applicants) who desperately want the limited money available… so “putting stuff down” and “hoping for the best” is just not going to fly... no matter how positive you are.

To make the matters worse, the selection criteria questions are often unclear… with many asking you for the SAME information… but in DIFFERENT ways. Yet you need to have unique information in each criteria (rather than copying and pasting or telling them to ‘see the previous criteria’). This process is gruelling, time consuming and is an absolute waste of time… but ultimately determines IF you get the money.

So are you excited? Can’t wait to begin?

If you’re someone who dislikes doing non-value-adding work, you’ll probably have problems starting, concentrating and getting it done. After all, it’s very easy to get distracted and to think of other (more interesting and important) things instead of completing the application.  You’ll probably find your mind wondering… as you sit in front of the computer screen, wasting time, but getting nothing done.

This usually leads to guilt and frustration because not only are you talking time away from your business… but you’re also not making progress on the application. Many applications are abandoned at this point… as business owners decide to cut their loss and get some real work done.
Trying to get someone else within the company to do it may seem like a good idea, until you realise that they probably care less about the application than you do. To them, it’s more paperwork to do … and they’re NOT going to like it.  Sure, they’ll get it done (as you’re their boss) … but more to tick a box (and get you off their back).

Do you think this will produce a quality application worthy of getting the money?… especially if there are hundreds (or thousands) of other applications? Or is it likely to be rejected very early in the assessment stage (even IF it passes the eligibility requirement).    

So HOW do we know this?

It’s certainly NOT because we’re psychic.

The thing is, we have spoken with thousands of companies about these issues. We’ve done many competitive grants ourselves… it’s what we do every day. Even while you’re reading this, we’re probably busy working on a grant application for our clients.

Because we specialise in competitive government grants, we’ve developed systems and processes to get applications done… and get money for our clients.

Would you like some $$$ as well? Then, please ask yourself this question:

How much is it worth to save 70-100 hours and to have your chance of getting the money increased by 70-90%?


"The only thing 'Free / Cheap' is a rejection letter from the government"