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"Are You Our Next Success Story?"

Dear Business Owner,

Deciding to engage the services of a grant consulting company can be 'nerve wracking' because you won’t know what you’re getting until the completed grant application is sitting on your desk.  

As with any service based business, no matter how much information is available from the vendor, you’re almost always required to make a ‘leap of faith...’ and 'hope' that things will work out.

Having dealt with thousands of companies across Australia, we know that ‘leaps of faith’ are hard to make because of the risk involved. Over the years however, Grant Solutions has developed ways to help clients bridge this uncertainty gap by reducing the risks involved.

On this page, you’ll get a ‘sneak peak’ of what it’s like to work with Grant Solutions… how it feels when your application is completed and ready for submission.  

Below is a small sample of client testimonials we’ve received over the years...with each company first needing to make the same decision you’re facing right now:

  1. Use Grant Solutions,
  2. Take the risk with a cheaper consultant, 
  3. Do the application yourself (or abandon it altogether)

Just as you will, these companies invested their time, examining the above choices, trolling through the Internet for more information, doing the due diligence… before finally engaging Grant Solutions. This process occurs over and over again as companies consider all the options available to them. However, the outcome is always the same… they chose Grant Solutions.

The difference is the amount of time they spent deciding. Some took days, some weeks, some only a few hours. Initially clients might feel uneasy when making the decision… but subsequently feel relieved and justified when Grant Solutions gets them the money a few months later.

As you look through the testimonials we’ve received, consider what it feels like to write one of these letters...we may ask you to do so when your grant application is successful.

Copamate Testimonial
Trans Tank International Testimonial
Bracton Testimonial
Trumps Testimonial
Engage Testimonial
awal medical centre testimonial
kapunda medical practice testimonial
Mullumbimby GP Testimonial
North Shore Testimonial
Hunter Crowne Plaza Testimonial Web
Pascoe Vale Health Testimonial
Icon Dental Testimonial
Coburg Testimonial Letter
Kempsey Testimonial
Coolaroo Clinic Testimonial
Dave testimonial
Ingham Testimonial
South Yarra Medical Testimonial
Montrose Medical Testimonial 1
 Montrose Medical Testimonial 2
Ti Tree Testimonial 1
Ti Tree Testimonial 2

Craig Testimonial Scan Web


YOUR Testimonial Here!

Your success is very important to Grant Solutions… as it also happens to be the easiest way for us to attract more clients!

Imagine… businesses (just like yours) looking at your testimonial, admiring the large grant that you've received and the project that you’re now able to undertake.

Do you think they'll gamble with a 'cheapie' grant consultant... or choose a company with proven results?

That’s why when your grant application is successful, we’ll celebrate this occasion with you.  

Regardless of where you are in Australia, our executive team will get on a plane and fly over to present you with a poster-sized commemorative cheque (equal to the amount of the grant).


Not only will you remember this day forever... but hopefully tell a few friends as well (mentioning Grant Solutions in the process).

Update: During the last few months we've been overwhelmed with demand (businesses needing grant assistance). This has delayed our plans to present commemorative cheques to our past clients (fortunately they did get the real cheques from the government!). 


To Your Grant Success,

Ross Turetsky signature
Ross Turetsky MBA, BCom, BIfosys
Managing Director, Grant Solutions

PS. If you're NOT getting your share of government grants, your competitors probably ARE