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If you’ve ever wondered “what does it really take to get a government grant” then these grant videos will save you hours of frustration and probably increase your chances of 'getting the money' by at least 30%.

The grant training is presented in 5-10 minute video chunks… so you can hit the ground running.

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Energy Conference Presentation - 7 Common Grant Mistakes

Grant Solutions (represented by Ross Turetsky) accepted a presentation invitation to around 150 delegates at the international All Energy Conference. The presentation lasted approximately 25 minutes (divided into 2 parts and Q&A). You may want to increase the speaker volume as the large stage prevented our camera crew from getting closer, leading to a softer sound.


Part 2

Question Time - Panel Question and Answer regarding Government Grants

Just be aware that the question asked from an audience member is quite long (around 2.5 minutes) but Ross's response is certainly worth the wait... providing an insight into the grant application process.


  Company Overview


Government Grants Media Interview - Part 1


Government Grants Media Interview - Part 2