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  (Our clients have obtained $500K for RVEF, $250K for TIRF and $100K for TQUAL)


Dear NSW Tourism Operator,  TIRF Grants Australia wide

 The last 5 years have been tough for the Tourism industry with the sector experiencing a number of challenges including:

  1. The rising Aussie dollar (which was previously 60 US cents) decreasing the number of overseas tourists while also encouraging Australians to take their holidays overseas
  2. Reduced tourist willingness to spend due to financial and economic uncertainty
  3. Increase in operating costs (wages and equipment) as prices continue to increase way above inflation
  4. Competition from existing and new players – who are pushing prices down and eroding your (already slim) profit margin.

On top of everything, your business also needs to deal with government bureaucracy in the form of licenses, permits, BAS, and Tax.

Fortunately, the NSW Government has finally recognised the burden faced by Australian tourism operators and the value of their contribution to the broad economy.

In fact, according to ABS data, your business and Australian tourism:

  1. Is relied upon by 500,000+ Australians for employment
  2. Employs 1 in every 12 working Australians
  3. Contributes $33 billion per year to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Australia
  4. Is Australia’s largest service export (contributing 8% of Australia’s total export earnings)
  5. Generates wealth across the country (around 46 cents from every dollar of tourism expenditure occurs in regional Australia).

The NSW Government has therefore allocated $13 million for RTF Grants to stimulate sustainable economic growth in the NSW tourism industry. The $150,000 grant is provided to ensure that there is new supply of quality tourism products and experiences to support marketing promises.

In the past 4, of our clients obtained the full $500,000 to upgrade their Tourism facilities.

(Client Testimonials will be uploaded ... after the celebrations are finished!)

Don't be Fooled by a 'Free' Lunch

The RTF program can certainly help you to further develop your tourism business. However, you may be reluctant to invest time and energy to complete the grant application.

After all, the vast majority of grant applications are unsuccessful. Submitting a RTF grant application that is rejected does not only lower morale but also wastes valuable resources... with nothing to show for it but a letter of rejection (even if it's politely worded... giving you hope but not funding).

This is particularly true when you're asking for the full $150,000 gets extremely competitive.

In fact, did you know that in Round 4 of NRRHIP (a similar infrastructure program to RTF)…

86% of Applicants were Unsuccessful!

That's right... almost 9 out of 10 people who applied, were rejected. This is how competitive this round of RTF is expected to be. After all, how many tourist providers will miss their chance to get $150,000 for their business?

It's your choice... to be:

  1. Part of this statistic in the current RTF round ... or
  2. In the top 10% of applicants that 'get the money'

That's why BEFORE you even consider starting an application, answer the following 3 questions:

  1. When was the last time you successfully applied for a competitive government grant?
  2. Do you have time to read through 100+ pages of guidelines and supporting material?
  3. Do you even know where to start?

Introducing the RTF Grant 'Solution'...

We can help by:

  1. Doing most of the work
  2. Taking most of the risk

We've came up with a 'done-for- you' VIP Service which is tailored to tourist operators and includes:

  • A diagnostic consultation to fully understand your project
  • A comprehensive 11 page pre-application guide
  • Project strategy development to maximise your chances of success
  • Writing and completing the application on your behalf
  • Inclusion of 10+ relevant references / statistics to support and strengthen your argument
  • Comprehensive 10+ page demography analysis identifying local service needs
  • Actuarial analysis and mathematical calculations to justify the benefits of your project
  • Coaching and mentoring throughout the process
  • Letter of Support Template (along with 10 sources to approach)
  • Independent quality assurance
  • A Comprehensive Checklist prior to application submission

Our unique RTF grant submission methodology will maximise your chance of being successful while minimising your involvement (as you probably have better things to do than to ‘stuff around’ with grant paperwork).

We've recently completed a large number of grants and received positive feedback from our clients (who rated us on average 9 out of 10). Many clients also expressed their ‘surprise’ at the amount of work  involved– something they only realised once we delivered them the final application (which exceeded their expectations).

Best of all, Grant Solutions is primarily compensated on results (rather than effort). A major component of our compensation is only charged if the grant application is approved.

Our consultants understand the tourism industry, have interrogated the international trade and tourism policy papers and know what the government is looking for. We therefore expect that our clients will be successful (providing they are eligible and have genuine merit) while identical projects of non-clients will be deemed unsuccessful. The key point of difference will be our ability to communicate the value of these projects in a way that gets them ‘across the line’.

Grant Solutions has successfully obtained individual grants ranging from $100,000 to $7,000,000 so writing a $500,000 submission is well within our expertise.

In the 4th NRRHIP round, Grant Solutions submitted 4 client application and 'got the money' for all of them.  Sure, it wasn't easy (our consultants spent 50+ hours per application) but each client got the result they were looking for.

In fact, 2 of our clients unsuccessfully applied themselves ... and didn't want to (nor could they afford to) be rejected again. 

This time, they used our services… and were successful.

 Why do RTF applications fail?

The majority of unsuccessful submissions do have significant merit… but they are unable to successfully communicate that merit through the application form. Even if they did a good job… there was still too much competition (302 applicants for 42 funded projects in NRRHIP Round 4). 

So ask yourself… is it worthwhile to invest 50+ hours into the grant application process, knowing that your chances of success is around 10%?

Or wouldn't you rather invest that time into your business… and let Grant Solutions handle the RTF application (so your chances of ‘getting the money’ improve dramatically)?

There is however a Catch… and it’s important

We won’t be able to handle the anticipated number of clients needing our services. We’ll try to help as many as possible, but once we’ve reached capacity… ‘all bets are off’.

There will be a waiting list but regrettably many will miss out. We want to help everyone… but will be forced to say ‘no’ to prevent our team from being overloaded and overwhelmed (especially as the submission deadline approaches).

On previous occasions clients have:

  • Tried to reach us outside of office hours (including Saturday and Sunday)
  • Offered compensation far above our standard fees
  • Claimed we accepted them as clients (when we only said ‘maybe’)

In each case these requests were regrettably but firmly declined (as we’ve already had a long waiting list).

We’re happy to answer questions, provided that you’ve carefully read all the information available on this page. Please keep in mind that we’ll be working at capacity and our priority will be to assist existing clients with their projects (rather than focusing on acquiring new clients). 

Sounds FAIR doesn't it? We think so and so do our satisfied clients.


Interested? These are the Next Steps...

Next Steps

A comprehensive 14 page report on the TIRF program is also available for download.

To Your RTF Success,


Ross Turetsky signature
Ross Turetsky MBA, BCom, BInfosys
Managing Director, Grant Solutions


The Regional Tourism Fund (RTF) is managed and administered by Destination NSW and supports investment in the regional New South Wales visitor economy on a matched dollar-for-dollar basis.

Applications may be submitted for product development and marketing activities that will contribute to the NSW Government objective of doubling overnight visitor expenditure by 2020.

All applications must be supported by a completed Destination Management Plan which meets the information requirements outlined in the Destination NSW template.

Each successful applicant will need to enter into a funding agreement with Destination NSW. The project deliverables, reporting requirements, payment schedules etc will be developed with each successful applicant.

RVEF - Round 1 & 2 Contestable Funding - Approved Applicants

  • Taronga Conservation Society of Australia - Taronga Western Plains Zoo:  Safari Eco Cabins - $250,000
  • Inland NSW Tourism: The Best of Outback - Destination Appeal Program - $394,745
  • Inland NSW Tourism: Tamworth and New England Destination Appeal Program - $233,500
  • Inland NSW Tourism: Dubbo and Surrounds - Destination Appeal Program -  $323,250
  • South Coast RTO: South Coast Marketing Campaign 2013-14. Stayz and Wotif promotion - $50,000
  • Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens, Mt Tomah: World Heritage Exhibition Centre Upgrade - $50,000
  • Cadell on the Murray Motel Resort: Conference Facility Development and Accommodation Upgrade - $318,340
  • Coffs Harbour City Council: Coffs Coast Co-operative Campaign and App Development - $75,000
  • Discover Jervis Bay Pty Ltd: Discover Jervis Bay – International Marketing, Product and Destination Development - $200,000
  • Murray Regional Tourism Board: The Murray Regional Destination Appeal Marketing Program - $500,000
  • Schwartz Family Company: Newcastle Hotel and Conference Centre Development - $500,000
  • Sharps & Taylors Pty Ltd: Riverdeck Café (Albury) - Riverdeck Kiosk Redevelopment – $250,000
  • Tuggerah Lakes Memorial Club Ltd: Diggers @ The Entrance - Ibis Styles Motel Development - $429,960

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