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Grant Solutions is currently assisting dentists with government grants

We are interested in metro dentists who are planning to relocate to rural areas in 2017.



Celebrating 100% NRRHIP Success

Melbourne, Australia July 6 – The results of the latest NRRHIP funding round (a competitive program providing $46 million for health infrastructure and equipment in small rural towns) were announced today. The 4th round attracted 302 applicants from all across Australia, 42 of them (including 4 clients of Grant Solutions) being successful.

Each of the 42 successful applicants received a personal phone call congratulating them... with the official confirmation (funding agreement, bank account details, and etc) due to arrive shortly. Concurrently, 260 letters were sent to unsuccessful applicants, providing an opportunity to obtain application feedback and to reapply for the 5th NRRHIP round.